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Pass a Drug Test

How to Pass a Drug Test

Abstinence is the most obvious way to pass a drug test. If you keep drugs out of your system, you have nothing to worry about. Passing a drug test is not as difficult as most may think. Drugs in your system do not stay permanently. Your first step is to determine how long each drug remains in your system with our Drug Detection Time Table. You can also take our Online Drug Test to learn more about different substances and if you would pass a test under your specific circumstances.

Drug testing is becoming more popular everyday. Over 81% of all companies have now adopted drug screening policies to determine whether you have use any illegal substances and if you are a possible health risk to their company. Insurance agencies and courts also perform drug tests regularly. There are four categories of drug testing that they may perform. Below is a brief description of each type of testing procedure. Information is the key to successfully passing your drug test.

Urine Drug Test ( Urinalysis )

The most popular method of drug screening is still the urinalysis drug test. This procedure requires a sample of urine. In some cases you may or may not be watched while submitting your sample. They may either use a cassette type test for immediate results or send it to a lab for extensive testing and confirmed results. Check out our Urine Drug Test products or buy some home Drug Test Kits so you can test yourself before your actual drug test.

Saliva Drug Test ( Oral Swab )

The 2nd most popular type of drug screen is the Saliva Drug Test. This is becoming a very popular type of test because of it's ease of use, accuracy, and quick results. Toxins will stay in your saliva just as long as they will in blood and urine. Our Saliva Cleanse is a safe, fast, and very effective solution. If you just want to make sure you will pass, pick up one of our Saliva Swab Drug Test Kits to make sure you're clean.

Hair Follicle Drug Test

The 3nd most popular type of drug screen is a Hair Follicle Test. Hair testing is quite accurate and can go back approximately 30 days for every half inch of hair that you have. In most cases, the testing authority will only check back 90 to 120 days depending on the growth of your hair and will show all of the toxins you used in that period of time. Most look for an inch and a half of hair on the scalp, but will go for underarm, leg or arm hair if you do not have the required length. We have hair follicle products for every situation. Our Hair Cleansing Products create their own heat to actually remove all unwanted drug metabolites from the mouth of the hair follicle to the end of the hair shaft.

Blood Drug Test

The 4th type of drug screen is a Blood Drug Test. Blood drug testing is usually performed for serious employment positions or when you are applying for insurance policies. This is an expensive test and is very common in drug testing today. Blood drug testing is one the most accurate types of drug tests. As long as the substance or metabolite is present in your system it can be detected in this type of test, but when you are using one of our Blood Cleansing products , it cleanses your entire system of toxins including your Urine and Saliva. Our Blood Drug Test products can have you completely clean in 1 to 8 days depending on usage.