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How Test'in Products Work

Test'in detoxification products are a unique combination of all natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs that reclaims and detoxifies your system while unstacking the red blood cells in your body. Test'in is an oxygen catalyst that makes use of the free oxygen available in water and unstacks the red blood cells called "Roulex-Formation". This leaves you with a flat independently floating cell. Nature can now take its course by allowing all the toxins to be released from your body and at the same time replenishing your system with all natural vitamins and minerals. This process is completely natural ( It is not a mask ). Your system will be toxin free and permanently cleansed unless you use again, no matter how long that may be. Test'in detoxification & body cleansing products since 1993.

Toxins in Fat Cells

After Using Test'in

Above is an example of how the Test'in detoxification process removes toxins from the fat cells in your body. For anymore information feel free to email us at or call our 24 hour phone line at 800 733-4429. We would be happy to answer any further questions you may have about your upcoming test or any of our drug test solutions.

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